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1. atomic maze 5.0
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4. Challenge2 5.0
5. Factory 2 5.0
Particlz Released!
Wednesday, 30th March 2010

Hi everybody!

We are really excited, since after several months, finally we finished Particlz.
It will be published by Slum Games anytime soon, and we expect you'll like it.
You can play it also on this site on the "Play here!" tab.

Thanks and we hope that you enjoy playing Particlz!

Got Feedback?
Tuesday, 29th March 2010

Please don't forget to provide us with all the feedback you may have using our forum

Love the music?
Sunday, 28th March 2010

If you want to play Particlz music on your mp3 player feel free to download the HiFi version from our site.
You can get it from here (24MB).